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For us, Social Responsibility has become a new way of doing businesses benefiting our customers and the environment.

We are committed to making our operations sustainable in the economic, social and environmental fields, recognizing our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, collaborators, investors and the environment.

How do we do it at JAVER?

We are committed to adding value through the implementation of better practices with our stakeholders, to provide a better quality of life to our communities by improving their environment, and strengthening the social fabric, coupled with the preservation of the environment by mitigating our impact on ecosystems where we operate.

We firmly believe that through our commitment to operate with standards of ethics and transparency, and by following the applicable laws we can permeate the culture of excellence in all our practices. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of actions and programs that create value.


Treeing Our

Flagship program where we tree our developments to improve the quality of green areas and the environment. With the help of 1,100 volunteers, we have planted in the history of this program more than 1,000 trees, which represents the storage of more than 1,100 tons of CO2 in the life of the trees.

Flora and Fauna
Rescue Program

We carry out the rescue of the flora and fauna found on the land where we will building the new homes for our clients. With this program they have managed to rescue more than 17,000 plants and animals have been relocated wild in their natural habitats.

JAVER Nurseries

Our JAVER Nurseries house a large number of the plants that we rescue, They also serve us to promote the germination program of trees and native plants, with which we decorate the green areas of our developments. On a national level, we have 4 nurseries, which have managed to host more than 25 thousand plants.

Environmental awareness programs

We firmly believe that caring for the environment starts from home, therefore, we carry out workshops and talks on environmental awareness to our collaborators, to create agents of change in the company that promote sustainability and respect for the planet.

JAVER Sustainable Award

JAVER Sustentable Award is a contest aimed at university students, which gives them the opportunity to develop projects that promote development sustainability, innovation and social action that contribute to improving the quality of life of our communities.


At JAVER we have an internal recycling program, whose objective is to sensitize our collaborators and help the environment. More than 3,500 kg of material have been recycled such as: plastics, cans, batteries and paper.

Urban Gardens

We are interested in our clients becoming aware of environmental matters. We have urban gardens where workshops are held to help them learn to produce their own food.

Native Tree Germination Program

With our Native Tree Germination Program we have managed to germinate more than 1,300 seeds, which allows us to carry out activities with communities such as adoption of trees and supply trees to our Program "Arborizing Our Communities ”.

Ecological Urban Games and Furniture

Starting in 2020, we started equipping our developments with games and furniture 100% ecological, since they are made of recycled and recyclable plastic. Games and furniture installed to date were manufactured with more than 13,000 PET bottles.

Green Mortgage

JAVER promotes the program promoted by INFONAVIT, which offers clients the ease of obtaining eco-technologies to equip their homes that helps save energy, water and gas, which helps the environment and the economy.

Mortgage with Services

This program is promoted by INFONAVIT, which we promote to develop sustainable communities through the creation of a social fabric and maintenance of common areas to guarantee the capital gain of the developments.

One of the greatest advantages of living in a subdivision with a Service Mortgage is that the community will have a community center and a neighborhood promoter, which will provide the facility where they can participate in different workshops, activities, courses and talks for the whole family.

Community centers

We have more than 20 community centers operating nationwide, where we carry out activities with the community to build a stronger social fabric in our developments, turning them into sustainable communities.

Educational workshops and classes

At JAVER we know that education is a fundamental issue for children, youth and adults, therefore, in our community centers educational programs are offered, which help in the personal improvement of each one of them.

Health and sports programs

Concerned about the welfare of the community, we constantly carry out, in conjunction with the corresponding institutions, health and vaccination campaigns in the facilities of our community centers, as well as sports tournaments to encourage physical activity in children, youth and adults.

Clean Communities

The main objective of this program is to contribute to the care of the environment of our communities, we do it through the promotion of small practices to perform at home, which are conducted through workshops.

JAVER volunteering

Insignia Program that we have promoted for four consecutive years nationwide, supporting direct and indirect communities through pantries, Christmas gifts, clothing, cleaning and hygiene items and appliances, festivities and posadas, among others.

Job fairs

Interested in the professional and personal growth of the inhabitants of our communities, we have implemented JAVER Job Fairs, inviting all companies neighboring our subdivisions to participate in this event with an alliance of the municipalities.

Donations JAVER

At JAVER we are committed to supporting those who need it most, so Our donation program focuses on contributing physically, in kind or monetary, to different national causes.