At JAVER we have professional advisers focused on advising and processing credits. They will attend to you for free even if you are not yet ready to buy your house, and if you are ready they will help you obtain the best conditions for credit adapted to your needs.


Is a Mexican institution dedicated to granting credit to obtain housing to its
affiliates. Among the relevant elements for determining the amount of credit to
grant and the term thereof, are the following:

  • Age and salary of the worker.
  • Continuous employment time.
  • Time spent working in the same job.
  • Total balance of housing subaccount.
  • Marital credit.


It is a credit where a part is provided by INFONAVIT and another part by a
banking institution or Limited Purpose Financial Company, and that can only be used to buy a
home of any value in any city of the Mexican republic.


They are financial companies that are in charge of raising resources in the form of deposits and
investments, to be able to lend money to their clients and offer financial services, such as
the acquisition of a house.

Unamos créditos

Allows Infonavit beneficiaries to pool their financing with several people.
This program aims to allow the members to have access to a
higher amount to buy a larger home. With these modifications it is expected
that thousands of workers in Mexico are benefited.


The FOVISSSTE Traditional Credit is granted through an Annual Draw, specifically for
active workers, trusted and temporary workers at the service ofState Public Entities that contribute to the Fund. In addition to Traditional Credit, there are
other credit options that do not require a lottery.
Among these variants are: Marital, with Subsidy, for pensioners, among others.


Designed for affiliates who are active in the database and wish to enhance their
credit, with the convenience of discounts via payroll
• Have at least 18 months of contributions to FOVISSSTE.
• Be a State worker on active duty.
• Age greater than or equal to 25 years and less than 70 years (the sum of age plus the term of
the credit must be less than 80 years).
• Not being in the process of being granted temporary pension or
definitive due to total, partial or temporary disability or incapacity; or in the process of voluntary
retirement according to the Law.