¿How to pamper your canine best friend at home?

Every July 21 is commemorated in a special way the World Dog Day, an important date to celebrate our four-legged […]

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Business alliance for technical education in Nuevo León

In JAVER we support the academic and personal development of young people and for the first time we partner with […]

Privada Belterra, a new development of Javer

Open your new house in a development designed especially for you. Located in the best area of Pablo Livas in […]

In Javer, ¡open the door to your new home!

Sometimes, we expect opportunities to fall from the sky and we do not realize that they are knocking on our […]

We inaugurate the first mobile classroom for the education of our workers

In Javer we always seek to grow. Not only in presence but also in experience with actions oriented to social […]

First environmental volunteering of the year

After almost three years detained by the pandemic, we carried out our first environmental volunteering with our collaborators. It is […]

Amazing ideas ¿How to celebrate Dad at home?

Surely many of us have very fond memories of our childhood where our dad did wonderful things for us. How […]

¿How to brand new house as a couple? They lived together forever

In the life of every couple there are important moments such as marriage, but then comes an equally relevant step, […]

Your new home in the most exclusive area of Juárez, N.L.

A different concept within the most exclusive area of Juárez, with large spaces and an exceptional environment, this is Valle […]