New house on the beach. An eternal summer

We are in the summer season and for many maybe it is a dream to live eternally at this time […]

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Make the most of your garden and let’s organize a party

Spring and summer are the seasons in which we must take even more advantage of our outdoor spaces, such as […]

Ideas for a perfect back to school

Summer vacations are one of the most anticipated times for those who are students at home, but also by those […]

Take care of the heatwaves with these recommendations

Since Sunday, July 15, the dog days of summer (the 40 hottest days of the year) have done their thing, […]

The best habits to save energy at home

A big issue in many Mexican homes is the consumption of electrical energy … A great theme within many Mexican […]

Enjoy your family vacations without worries

Do you know what you should take into account before going on vacation to protect your home? We have some […]

Protect your family from the heat this summer

Our country is a whole Pandora’s box. We can live our day-to-day with temperatures quite extreme and survive in the […]