How many INFONAVIT points do I have and how can I increase them?

As you know, there are more and more options for families to fulfill their dream and own a brand new […]

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historial crediticio

How to have a clean credit history?

To begin, do you know what credit history is and what it is for? What if I’m in the credit […]

crédito sofome javer

SOFOM credit: Another option to acquire your own home

If you are looking for a mortgage loan that allows you to buy a house, you should know that there […]

4 razones para invertir en una casa para tu familia

Para tener casa propia tienes que acabar con lo que te detiene. Deja atrás todo lo que te dice, ahorita […]

cuánto se necesita para comprar una casa

Tips to save: how much does it take to buy a house?

Without a doubt, the process of buying a house turns out to be easier than you think. Realize your dream […]

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Know these basics before buying your home

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you will have in your life, and before If you […]

crédito infonavit

What you should know before using your Infonavit credit

Surely you have asked yourself: what is the Infonavit credit? It is a loan granted to workers so that they […]

Plusvalía casa javer

3 key factors that increase the equity in your home

One of the main reasons for acquiring a house is that in the medium or long term your home will […]

Tramitar un crédito infonavit

Descubre los 5 sencillos pasos para comprar una casa con crédito Infonavit

Sabemos lo emocionado que te encuentras ahora que te has decidido a comprar una casa y una de las primeras […]