¿How to pamper your canine best friend at home?

Every July 21 is commemorated in a special way the World Dog Day, an important date to celebrate our four-legged […]

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Business alliance for technical education in Nuevo León

In JAVER we support the academic and personal development of young people and for the first time we partner with […]

First environmental volunteering of the year

After almost three years detained by the pandemic, we carried out our first environmental volunteering with our collaborators. It is […]

Amazing ideas ¿How to celebrate Dad at home?

Surely many of us have very fond memories of our childhood where our dad did wonderful things for us. How […]

Ways to pamper mom at home

The month of May arrived and with it Mother’s Day. Without a doubt a date in which we want to […]

5 years being a socially responsible company

We are pleased to announce that for the fifth consecutive year JAVER obtained the distinction of Socially Responsible Company. Also […]

javer esr

JAVER is ESR for the third consecutive year

At JAVER we create social value by developing different sustainable management instruments. For the third consecutive year, JAVER received the […]

How to spend Children’s Day with your child in a fun way

Childhood is a wonderful time. There is no past, there is no future; just a present that Is seen with […]

Sweet and traditional recipes to make at home this Christmas

What is it that unites hearts and minds? The taste of Christmas! The holiday season, especially Christmas, serves as a […]