Every July 21 is commemorated in a special way the World Dog Day, an important date to celebrate our four-legged friend who gives us their unconditional love.   

We know that our pets are very important in our homes, because they accompany us day by day and infect the family with their joy. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to have specific places in our house for them.   

Next, we tell you different ideas so that your best friend can enjoy pleasant spaces and moments inside the home.


This area will surely be the preferred one where your friend can play more freely. Take care to condition this space so that it feels comfortable and has a cool area for hot days.


As for the right place for your best friend to sleep, it is best to always be close to you, that is, in the same room of your bedroom or next to the door. Remember that some breeds of dogs have a protective instinct, so they will always seek to keep an eye on you.  

The most important thing will be to have a cozy place so that you can rest better. There are different options of beds or mattresses for dogs, look for the one that best meets the issue of cleanliness and comfort for your pet.


One of the various basic needs of our friend is that he can count on a specific place where he can relieve himself. In many cases the ideal is that you can do it outdoors and in a place that facilitates its collection. However, for some owners it is not so easy to take their dog outside the number of times it may need and therefore it is advisable to have a dog bath indoors.   

Most are made of plastic and feature high-rise grids that allow their waste to drain into the collection area. Its function is very similar to the cat litter box, since your friend will be able to relieve himself on this artificial surface. It is advisable to clean it regularly and disinfect to avoid bad odors.


The spaces for our dogs at home are of utmost importance as they will reinforce the daily stability of your best friend, but it should be noted that today it is common to find places designed for our pets within the new subdivisions. They are areas designed for the safe recreation of your pet where he can also interact with more dog friends.   

These are just a few points so that your loin can feel loved and protected in your new home. Now it is your turn to pamper your pet by conditioning an ideal place and space to live healthily with your company.    

We invite you to know some of our new developments so that you and your canine friend spend moments of fun in our incredible green areas and enjoy to the maximum of the different amenities that we have in Javer.