After almost three years detained by the pandemic, we carried out our first environmental volunteering with our collaborators. It is important to mention that without having participated in the volunteering in person. We execute more than 15 events of our program “Arborizing Our Communities” thanks to the participation of our gardening team. 

On June 10 of this year, the first volunteering was carried out among collaborators and neighbors inhabitants of Jardines de Magnolias 3, a subdivision located in Zumpango, State of Mexico. It was possible to plant 30 trees, which were distributed in an area of approximately 1,000m2. To date of their plantation they store more than 40 kg ofCO2 and benefit more than 4 thousand inhabitants. At the close of this event, we awarded the adoption certificate to more than 10 families. Also delivered 36 organic pots to grow mint, basil and oregano, aromatic plants that encourage the attraction of pollinators.

The furor to continue planting trees did not let more than a day pass and on June 11 we carried out another arborization. The actions were carried out in Valle de los Lirios; subdivision also located in Zumpango, State of Mexico. It should be noted that 60 trees were planted in 30 minutes, a new record time for our team. The 60 trees planted were distributed in an area of approximately 2,000m2. At the date of their planting store more than 80 kg of CO2, benefiting more than 2 thousand inhabitants.


Through our “Arborizing Our Communities” program, we have managed to plant more than 1,900 trees in addition to the usual equipment of green areas. It is projected that by 2022 we will manage to exceed 2,000 trees. In Javer, we will continue with the goal of continuing to increase the tree density of our developments and the quality of the environment for our neighbors.