Surely many of us have very fond memories of our childhood where our dad did wonderful things for us. How to forget the day he taught us to ride our bikes, the times he took us to school with his songs blaring or when he passed by an ice cream for us before we got home. 

For those memories and many more things, during the month of June we celebrate all parents. It is a very special day where we celebrate the superhero and the pillar of the family. It’s a perfect opportunity to tell you how much we love you and thank you for everything you ever did for us.  

Here are some different ways to make dad have an unforgettable day from home:

Special food: We can get splendid and prepare his favorite dish. Maybe it’s an ideal time to remove the tweezers and grill and take over the grill.  

Afternoon of games: Nothing better to spend an unforgettable father’s day than to gather the whole family in an afternoon of games. From board games or even a game of video games if your dad prefers, the important thing is to make it fun.  

Talent Night: Surely dad once surprised us with a talent, whether it is some magic trick, singing, dancing, etc. This will be a good opportunity for us to share a fascinating moment. 

Sports Marathon: It is always a good time to give the king of the home a space where he can enjoy his favorite sport. We can start by practicing a sports meeting with the family and then relive a game or game on television that is memorable for dad. 

As we can see, there are different options to celebrate dad and give him a day that he will remember in a special way. Let’s open our arms to dad and share with him our affection and love on this date. 

Join your credit with Dad

There are different gifts that Dad is sure to like in his day. But there is no better gift than sharing a home with his children where he can see his heritage grow and create memories. At Javer we help you make your dreams come true. Therefore, join your credit with dad and start a home together. Our specialized advisors will be able to guide you and answer all your questions. 

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