How to make a terrarium?

For sure you have ever seen a small ecosystem with some plants in a jar or a fishbowl, to this little home decor item is knowed as a Terrarium. It is a Little garden that you can have inside of your house and doesn’t ask for alot of manteinence.  

Want to learn to make your own terrarium? Right away we will share with you a materials and steps lists that you have to follow for work it out.


  • Fishbowl 
  • Potting Soil
  • Small stones or gravel 
  • Medium stones for decor 
  • Activated charcoal 
  • Fabric or mosquito net 
  • Plants 

First of all we must clean the jar, this will avoid the bacteria creation that can affect our plants. Enough with we wash it just with soap and water.

After clean it up we must put 2 or 3 centimeters of a mix of activated charcoal and gravel, this will avoid bad odors and will hold moisture to hydrate our plants. Activated charcoal can be found in pet or health food stores.  

After the gravel we will place a piece of fabric cut to the size of the jar, this will prevent that the soil blends with gravel. Once the fabric is placed we can add the soil ensuring that it is enough to cover the roots of our plants aproximately 5 centimeters.  

Once our jar has soil we will proceed to plant our plant, remember that if the plant comes in a pot or a bag it must be removed first and take off a little bit of soil it brings and plant it in our terrarium.  

Finally decorate with stones and elements we like.

Plants for terrariums

The selection of plants is defined by our own taste, even so we recomend you the following: mosses, ferns, cact, phytonias and succulents. Mosses, ferns and phytonias are watered once a week, succulents once every three weeks and cacti once a month.


It depends on the plant kind that have been put the way we will water our terrarium. It’s important that we put our terrarium in a spot with at least 5 hours per day of sunlight, this will keep the plant healthy.  

It is recommended that the terrarium is inside the house, to avoid sudden changes in temperature or an excess of sun rays.  

If we have a cactus in our terrarium, we will only water it once a month, this will prevent fungi from expanding and dying. The rest of the plants will require watering every one to two weeks.

Remember that every so often we will have to remove the withered leaves and remove any herbs that expand, in this way our terrarium will remain healthy.

Now that you know how to make a terrarium, we invite you to do it and share your results on social networks using #EcoTipsJaver, we will be very glad to see your results.

You’re ready.