CANADEVI is an institution in charge of presenting and supporting housing developmenter companies in our country, their principal goal is getting their affiliates a positive impact in mexicans life quality.

For this reason we give you the principal reasons why you must make sure you buy your own home with a CANADEVI’s affiliated housing development.

  • Your house is ready to release whenever you want.
  • You will liev in a full services development.
  • Your house will be supervised since the start by INFONAVIT.
  • You will have a quality insurance.
  • Guarantee policies will granted.
  • All materials are of quality and NOM certificated.
  • You will have an valued that certifies its value.
  • Legal Certain and heritage security at deeding time.
  • You will have all permisions in order: federal, state and municipal.

Also you will have assurance that especialized construction industry professionals were part of your home development.

For this reason it is very important guarantee that the housing developmenter you choose when you buy your house is affiliated to CANADEVI.

You’re ready.