As you know, there are more and more options for families to fulfill their dream and own a brand new house.

We are talking about banking, financial and government institutions, such as FOVISSSTE, which gives credit to state workers and INFONAVIT, for employees registered with the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

One of the requirements to obtain your INFONAVIT credit, in addition to being a beneficiary and active worker, is to aquire 116 points.

What are INFONAVIT points and how are they calculated?

INFONAVIT points are a prequalification that is granted to the worker so that he can exercise their credit. As we already mentioned, you must have at least 116 points, which are obtained based on three factors:

  1. Age and salary – – The younger you are, the higher the loan may be.
    In the same way, the higher the salary, you can aspire to get a better credit.
  2. Time to contribute in INFONAVIT – You must have at least 6 uninterrupted bimonthly payments. Logically, the longer you contribute to the account, the higher the score you will get, up to a maximum of 38 points.
  3. Savings accumulated in the housing subaccount – This saving is made up of the employer’s contributions and withholdings from your salary. Here you can accumulate a maximum of 39 points.

If you want to know how many points you have, contact us. At JAVER we have qualified advisors who will gladly help you calculate your

How to increase INFONAVIT points?

As you may have seen, what determines your score are factors that can not be modified, such as your age or the time you have been contributing. The only item that could raise your points would be a raise in salary and we know that this, in many cases, is not up to you either.

Do not be discouraged! There are some measures that, although they do not accelerate your accumulation of points, they won’t delay you either. On the contrary, they can help you obtain a greater loan when the time comes.

  • Job stability

If you constantly change jobs and are inactive for more than 2 months, you will not have continuity in your contribution. Try to stay in a company where you have the opportunity to grow professionally and raise your salary.

If you change jobs, do not forget to complete the corresponding procedures to continue contributing in INFONAVIT and not lose your points.

  • Verify that your salary with the IMSS is correct

Sometimes the salary with which you are registered does not coincide with your daily salary integrated (which includes benefits). If you are registered with a lower salary, your score will not increase as it should.

  • Establish a personal savings plan

n addition to saving on your housing subaccount, make a personal commitment to save on a separate savings account. This step is optional, but it is helpful for when the time comes, you can make advanced payments on your mortgage, increase your capacity to purchase, pay notary fees, or even furnish your home.

Obtaining the necessary score for your INFONAVIT credit requires time and patience. Follow these tips to avoid slowing down your accumulation of points that will lead you to realize your dream of acquiring a house.