cuánto se necesita para comprar una casa

Without a doubt, the process of buying a house turns out to be easier than you think. Realize your dream of having your own home by correctly informing yourself about the requirements and receiving the best advice from experienced real estate advisers.

But what are the financial requirements to buy a house?

Buying a home represents a great goal and motivation, and it is possible to achieve this objective if you contemplate the following:

  1. Determine your creditworthiness: Before any decision, it will be essential that you calculate how much money you can really pay for it based on on your income, mandatory payments, debts and savings.
  2. Check your credit history: In order to buy a house you need to your credit history to be positive, this implies that you must be paying your debts in good standing and time or not having any, and that these are not an obstacle for the monthly payment of your house.
  3. Know the various forms of payment: In itself, there are two ways to buy a house: pay in cash or have a mortgage.
    In the case of mortgage loans, it is easier to finance your new home, just remember save for the down payment (between20 and 35% of the total credit), ), the payment initial and CAT.
  4. Find your next home: Considera diferentes aspectos como la ubicación, conexión con transporte público, zonas comerciales, escolares y de hospitales cerca, etcétera.

Savings ideas for buying a home

1. Define your goal and create a family budget

You need to have a savings goal focused on your economic reality. Thus, you will have to contemplate what is the total cost of your new house and define the amount and Saving terms.

With the help of a family budget you will get greater visibility of income andmonthly expenses, and thus establish how much you need to save. For example, allocate $1,500 weekly for the down payment of the house, to say an amount.

With a well-planned objective, it will be easier to save, and the more detailed it is, the better.

2. Adjust your expenses

Consider starting to cut down on certain expendable expenses, such as weekly outings to restaurants, the daily purchase of coffee or sweets, among others. To do this, you must resort to your family budget to know in detail what expenses can be omitted.

3. Use savings and investment funds

One of the best ways to save is through a banking institution, which will help you choose the type of savings account that suits your economic needs. In fact, mutual funds allow your money to generate returns or earnings for the future.

This way, you will have more chances of gathering the initial amount of your home in less time.

By following these tips to buy a house, you will have no impediments to achieve your dream of having a family home.