crédito tradicional fovissste

Any worker who is active as a base, trust or eventual in any institution of the federal government is affiliated with ISSSTE, a government organization that offers medical care.

When you register in this institution you get a subaccount in the Housing Fund of the Institute of Social Security and Services (FOVISSSTE), a savings made up of contributions from the dependency where you work and withholdings from your salary They allow you to obtain a loan to buy a new house.

This institution has several credit schemes, but the most common is Credito Tradicional FOVISSSTE. Next, we will solve any doubts you may have about this credit.

What are the requirements to apply for my Fovissste traditional credit?

  • Being an active worker at the service of the State.
  • Have at least 18 months of contributions in the housing subaccount.
  • Exercise your credit for the first time.
  • Not be in the process of a pension option, either due to disability, incapacity or retirement.

How much is the amount of Fovissste credit?

This depends on the time you have contributed, the capital in your housing account and your basic monthly salary. Contact our Javer advisers here to know an approximate value to which you can aim. You just have to have your CURP on hand.

How does it work?

The money you already have in the housing subaccount will be used as the first payment and later the payments will be made through withholdings from your salary. They deduct 30% of your basic salary through payroll, with a maximum term of 30 years to pay off the credit. You can also make additional contributions as advance payments without penalties.

The balance update is given in accordance with the Unit of Measurement and Update (UMA), which is the economic reference established in pesos by INEGI to determine payment of obligations (such as credits) or legal provisions (such as fines).

How do I get it?

You must go to one of our certified advisers to guide you in the formalization of your credit and in the choice of the home that best suits your needs, and is adjusted to the amount of your credit.

This home must be 100% finished, with services and appraisal. In the moment of signing your deed you must go to the notary public with a copy of official identification, last payroll receipt and proof of address.

What insurance do I get with my traditional credit?

To protect you and your family in case of any eventuality, your contributions include the payment of life insurance and total or partial disability insurance; as well as quality of housing insurance that covers 10 years before any structural failure, 5 years of waterproofing and a year and a half in gas, electricity, water and drainage installations.

What happends to my credit if I lose my job?

This is one of the main doubts for a worker with a home loan. FOVISSSTE supports you with an extension of up to one year, in which the credit is frozen until you get another job in the public sector.

If you are employed in the private sector, you must continue with your contributions independently.

With your home loan insured by ISSSTE, you can fulfill your dream of acquiring a new house to build a wealth and provide stability for your family.

If you still have questions or need more specific information, we share with you the following form for one of our advisors to contact you and help in this process.