crédito infonavit

Surely you have asked yourself: what is the Infonavit credit? It is a loan
granted to workers so that they can buy, expand or build their home and
build wealth.

Before accessing this service it is important that you know what requirements it has, as well as the characteristics of its operation.

How to access the Infonavit credit?

The first requirement to obtain an Infonavit loan is to be an active worker at the time of the application and be registered with the IMSS. A minimum of 116 points is required to have credit.

What does the loan amount depend on?

The amount of the credit may vary according to age, salary, savings in the Sub-Account of Housing made up of the employer’s contributions and the number of two-month continuous quote.

To know your prequalification and Infonavit points, contact one of our advisors who will help you with this process. You just have to have your
Social Security number and your date of birth.

What is your annual rate?

The annual rate of the Infonavit credit is 12%, lower than the rates of any institution bank, this means paying less, so that the worker does not compromise their income.

How are payments made?

The monthly payments to pay the Infonavit credit are deducted directly from the payroll and the amount will depend on the salary. For example, if the minimum wage is earned the discount will be 20%; If more than the minimum is earned, the initial discount will be up to 27%.

What age is the most convenient to apply for the loan?

The age when applying for a loan, plus the time it takes to pay it off, should not exceed 65 years. It is important to consider that, the older the age, the smaller the loan, since it is to prevent people in retirement from continuing to pay.

How do employer contributions benefit?

With the Housing Sub-Account, a worker can increase the amount of the credit that corresponds. These employer contributions continue during the life of the loan, where the employer pays a part of the monthly payment and the worker the rest.

What happens if the worker loses his job?

In the event that the beneficiary loses his job, he can resort to various supports for part of Infonavit, such as monthly payments, payment of the fund for loss of employment, or a partial or total extension.

What if your income decreases?

In the event that the worker’s income decreases and this situation has remained registered with the IMSS for 6 months or more, it is possible to request a restructuring according to the amount of the debt and the ability to pay for a period of 12 months.

At the end, this benefit can be renewed if the worker’s income has not increased.

Although buying a house is a momentous decision for any family, with it
you seek to provide an estate fot the children and ensure their future. Make use of credit Infonavit is a way to carry out the dream of owning your own home.

This institution offers various types of credit, either complementing the credit of the spouse, in combination with a financial institution, among others. Be well informed on the characteristics, this instrument will allow the beneficiary to obtain greater benefits.

Do you still have questions about Infonavit? If you want to know more about credits or the ways of financing we have for you, fill out this form and an advisor will be glad to get in contact with you.